Art doll project at school

In my art class I’m trying out making art dolls with the kids. I’ve never done it before so I’m anxious to see the result. So far it looks like it might be some interesting objects in the end.  I showed the kids a lot of neat art dolls from artists on the internet to inspire them. We take photoes of our faces, print them out and transfer them onto fabric. Then we make a doll body design,  embellish with buttons, colourful embroidery floss, ribbons etc. Then we sew the front and the back of the doll together on the sewing machine (big challenge), stuff them  and close them off with a little hand sewing.

These are two body designs two of the boys chose. The one went for a snail shape and picked out some “gems” for a necklace. The other got inspired by the shape of many of the art dolls we looked at before we designed our own.These are waiting for face- transfers.

Tomorrow we are set for the sewing machine part.


One response to “Art doll project at school

  1. Jeg syntes at det er en god ide og en god ide og måde hvorpå du får drengene med…. Jeg syntes at den øverste ligner en krokodille……..

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