Couch Thursday


I ‘m one of those women who likes the fact that there are mostly regular days in her life. And then some out of the ordinary experiences every now and then to break it all up. Tonight I’ve been on the old couch for the most part. Keeping my youngest company through her  social science homework. Then I started listening to  the new digibook that I borrowed at the local library this afternoon and started knitting/working on the mystery project shown in a previous post, filling the coffeetable with my half -done projects, embroidery floss, containers, magazines (just in case I fancy doing something else),  my little radio, getting myself a glass of red wine, propping myself up comfortably with pillows… and I’m in a good place mentally for the evening. Even when the thought strikes me that I left the dog walking to Bill and should’ve moved my body around abit for the physical well being … So what. I’m fine right here for another hour or so!


One response to “Couch Thursday

  1. Herregud så fine stemningsbilder!!! Like bra som 4-mars-innslaget til Slagt den hellige ko!!

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