A corner of my home

Bill set up for a little corner of the kitchen where he could have his home office when he works from home on Mondays and Fridays, but he tends to work wherever- and walks over to the designated place just for copying. So when I cleared it to dust yesterday I ended up setting it up as a place for drawing, journaling, blogging, sewing etc. The copymachine can sit on the counter next to this table..

I have enjoyed the corner already.


I am finally blocking the green shawl I made. Had to get some big quilting pins first because i’m using a corner of my bedroom for the blocking and I was afraid someone might step on the needles I used the small ones!


And now it’s time for coffee. Strange how coffee always makes me happy! Even though it’s a ritual I repeat every day, at least three times a day!


2 responses to “A corner of my home

  1. Et slikt koselig hjørne i kjøkkenet skulle jeg gjerne hatt, men til det er kjøkkenet for lite!! Sjalet ditt er nydelig og fargen var som om den skulle vært til meg!!

  2. For et nydelig sjal du har laget! Og den fargen er helt “meg” også 🙂

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