Journaling anywhere

When the girls and I were in Rome last fall we journaled in the Forum and outside the Colosseum! That’s the oddest place I’ve dragged my supplies out.. So far.. In the room we rented the supplies was out on the table at all times. At home there’s always something lying around, too. It is insignificant to me if anyone likes it or not. The whole point is to fell free and just be creative- independent of wether the result is good or not. I’m not going to sell it, i’m not going to hang it on the wall. The process is fun, sometimes I like the result, sometimes not.. I sit at the “office”table in the corner of my kitchen, I may end up at the kitchen table  where we have our meals, I journal in the living room, sometimes I write in my journal at night in the bed! Today I ended up at the counter where I keep the food processor and the toaster:


I was excited when the Sharpie markers and an opaque white pen came in the mail today!


I know I should scan my pages- and we do have a scanner- but it’s hooked up to the stationary computer.. I should change that around and leave it somewhere else so I can hook up my laptop to it anytime I want.. This leaves lazy me with taking a photo of my pages, leaving them glary  in spots, especially the cut-outs from the glossy magazines.  Sorry about that, in case anybody finds it annoying.

This page is ready for writing on now. It will go in my loose leaf journal made on album pages I bought on sale once. It’s supposed to end up as an Easter spread..


These pages I did last night in my comfy chair i the living room. It’s only the background that is done so far.


And this one was prepped a while ago and I wrote on it this afternoon.


One response to “Journaling anywhere

  1. Å så fine journalsider!!! Skal sende deg mere utstyr i posten i morgen :o)

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