…more of that…

Three of us woke up at 7:30 even though it’s Sunday. I laid around with the curtains opened and leafed through the Play magazines from Teesha Moore and was served coffee in bed. I like it!! But then I had to get up and make something. This is finished:(yes I know; still didn’t take the time to scan.)


This is also finished, using my new Inkssential opaque white pen:


This one is just prepped for writing:


This one my youngest painted . I experimented with the glitter glue the girls gave me for Christmas:


Carly is making breakfast now….


2 responses to “…more of that…

  1. I’m very glad you found me and left a wonderful comment! We do have a lot in common! What part of Ontario were you living in? I love your art and your journaling , very fun.

  2. Det er bare sååååååå stilige journaling-greier du lager!!!

    En beundrer

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