digital books

I’m completely hooked on these digital books. Got it on my ear when I go for a walk, when I knit, when I go to bed (a lot of backtracking involved since it’s lulling me to sleep).. Just finished Jo Nesbø “Hodejegeren” and made it to the library this afternoon a few minutes before they closed. Had to get a new one right away. The thought of “using up” the last 20 minutes while going for a walk with my dog, made me desperate thinking I would have nothing later tonight. But Håkan Nesser “Kvinnen med fødselsmerket” was available.  This is the third digital book I listen to this month.


The first one was Camilla Läckberg “Isprinsessen”.

Isprinsessen - Camilla Läckberg

Now I’m going to spend the evening knitting! Basta!

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