Unsynchronized phases of life

Got a surpising telephone on my way home from work yesterday. My friend K was in town with her partner, daughter and granddaughter.  I had some errands to run but then I rushed home to a fast supper picked up at the deli counter, I started up the mixer to make batter for waffles and put on the coffee. In the basement I found some toys I figured might be fun for a 14 month old girl. Some dolls and stuffed toys, a dog cage and suitcase for putting things in and taking things out…. not to mention the paper bag itself!


She was the cutest thing ever, and I must admit we had a hard time consentrating on keeping the conversation flowing. We were all too busy  watching the little wonder play and “talk ” to us.

Funny how unsynchronized the phases of life can be for people who are the same age. Here I am at the stage where I’m sharing household with two teenage girls and I feel far away from the stage of being a grandmother.  Friends my age however have become grandmothers and enjoy it immensely. I obviously have events to look forward to when/if they happen in my life..

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