There’s always room for another project postpone the things that are more important! A flanell quilt was started yesterday. Fabric spread, embroidery floss lugged out from the cupboard, sewing machine hauled out, scissors going in random directions, a check on the internet for some instructions.. And a simplistic, naive and soft coloured block was started.

By the way: Are you aware of the amazing quilting artist on the web: Spirit Cloth. This link is to a bag she finished but you can click on her blog title and get to the last posting. She also have another blog called What if, also about her quilting. She never sells, just gives away. It’s pure storytelling with fabrics!!!



There is a lot more stitching to be done, but I’m trying to get everything fastened by machine/hand so I can sit comfortably in my recliner and stitch while watching TV.

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