Moral support … with tea

I’m at the end of a rather busy week that is now leading right up to a week of Easter holiday. Yesterday the girls and I went to see the local cabaret, a yearly event around Sun Festival time. Before that we stopped in to see the art exhibition that is here right now. The one artist, Kristin Eidem,  made wonderful ceramic things, a lot of them humourous. The other one showed acrylic paintings that i just loved!!!! Her name is Turid Schelver. Check out her gallery on the website. Wish I had money to spend on art, but unfortunately are our everyday needs  a priority right now.

Tonight I have spent a good while in the grocery stores stocking up on a lot of what we need for the Easter week, including the two weekends.. And I made a big batch of chili after stowing the stuff away when I got home., hung up some laundry and then made a pot of tea and sat down with the girls who needed moral support doing homework

 Bill came home tonight with a cold  brewing in his forehead and nose. Kristi complained about her throat this morning and she and I have sipped hot tea with honey. She is still doing homework, and probably will do so for another hour, an English project that she’s had for weeks. (I think procrastination is in her genetic make-up!)

Tomorrow is last day at work- and for this holiday I can truly say: Bring it on- I need a break from my job right now!

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