Easter vacation has started… officially



After cleaning, doing laundry, planning, shopping, cooking, freezing, baking…. I have officially started my week off!


With two sick persons in the household to consider,


 the aforementioned whirlwind-like activity, and some weekend working for the one teenager ( which was cancelled in the end)  , we are off to the cottage tomorrow. We will stuff the cars after breakfast and head up to the snow.

DO TELL ME WHY! Today is porch weather here, there are flowers coming up and my spring shoes and coat is introduced to the season! Why do I go up to the snowy mountains!?!


But seriously: it’s always nice once we’re up there. And I get to socialize a bit with sister and family on the neighbouring cottage.. And doggie gets to roll in white, clean (but maybe slightly rotten and too soft)snow. And we get to do all the ” cottagy” stuff we all like.

But I do like this , too…… I’m torn!


But the cooking, cleaning, shopping, baking…. This next photo is after all the ultimate proof that I am ready: bag of yarn, two knitting UFO’s and underneath a needlepoint project.


One response to “Easter vacation has started… officially

  1. Ønsker dere ei god fjell-påske!

    klem og dobbelboff fra oss i Nannestad

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