1.st day of Cottage Easter:


I should’ve had the headline “1.st night of  cottage Easter” because we have been in and out of sleep last night due to terrible winds that made sounds in the chimney and howled past the cottage corners. Bill and I were lying there talking in the middle of the night, Carly and Kristi heard it too. This is affecting our 1st  full day up here. I had a nap after getting a bad migraine headache. Took pills and slept for about 1 1/2 hour. Carly slept too. Bill slept in in the morning and Kristi is not feeling any better than yesterday- maybe even worse and has spent the day on the couch/in bed. But the winds slowed down and Bill and I did get to visit my sister and brother-in-law over at their cottage (which is the one closest to us up here). We had coffee and a lovely cake she had baked the very same morning.


We have also been sitting outside  in the sun for a while two times this afternoon. There’s very little snow left so there wasn’t much shoveling to do. Emma really likes it when the family is out there with her.


One response to “1.st day of Cottage Easter:

  1. Så fin profilbilde av Emma!!!

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