Girls’ night…Boys’night

Last night,  A:

Sister and niece(19) came over to our cottage with the niece’s computer that had lots of Roma photoes on it since she went there with school a little while ago.  Since the girls and I were there in October we had lots to talk about. We brought out some red wine,  lit the candles, set out juice, carrot cake and peanuts and watched the photoes, yacked, mys sister knitted, I did not, the girls drew at the dining table like they did when they were little, and it was a good night. Right before the first episode of a British crime series started at ten thirty they went home and Bill came back from:

Last night, B:

Hubby, brother in law and nephew were at sister’s cottage watching Liverpool- Chelsea play soccer, having a couple of beers. There’s only a few metres between the cottages and even though Bill’s snowmobile had no headlight since he blew a fuse and had none to replace it with, he drove over with a flashlight on his forehead. Worked fine for a short trip.

They’ve called for better weather today so we’re hoping for some sun on the benches outside, maybe with oranges, sun protective lotion on our noses, knitting, radio- maybe even a little fire. That would make up for a traditional cottage Easter day. The skiing isn’t much to brag about though: One step forward, two steps back – even if you put on appropriate wax.


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