I have a molar tooth that had a temporary filling in it. Supposed to put a crown on it but today it just BROKE! And it is horizontally broken. I called the dentist on his private number and he said I should avoid chewing on that side (like I even CAN) and just wait and see. I haven’t had any pain during the day, but a part of the tooth seems loser by the hour- and I’m not looking forward to the night since I have a tendency to grit my teeth a bit. The dentist also said that I should call him again if it got painful, some swelling could happen if the moving irritates the flesh holding the tooth. Man!!  We are supposed to go home tomorrow, but they call for good weather and I’d SO wanted to stay for a few hours in the sun before leaving. And Sunday is Carly’s christening day and the family is coming for lunch after the service. This is just so inconvienent!! Not to mention I didn’t want to spend money on my stupid teeth right now.

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