Classic Cottage Easter


Yesterday was sunny for the most part and we did some of the classical stuff people in Norway do if they have a cabin in the mountains: Enjoy the sun !!!! Kristi is demonstrating how to: Hair back, makeup off, suck up the vitamin D!


Then you light a fire. Man of the house has the best relationship to stuff in that department: (Here demonstrating how to use a little barbeque alternatively:)


If a little breeze should scare you from sitting at the regular spot, set up a new one against another wall of your cabin and find a table. Get ready for hot dogs,oranges and marzipan (the mandatory Easter stuff)


Wives of my kind have their own mandatory stuff and Sister came along with her knitting to keep me company:picture-058

And when everyone disappeared on skis and snow mobile for a while I set up speakers in the window and listened to a  mystery radioplay on audio book. No Easter without mysteries , on TV, on the radio – and often books and /or audio books,too.


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