Talking about traditions

I do like traditions and for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving etc I make a point of following some.  On the other hand I don’t think one should get so attached to them that we can’t change it now and then. 

There is one tradition I have for our Winter Vacation and Easter up here at the cottage that is handed down from my grandmother. She always baked this syrup cake and when I was little I can remember she was up early in the morning. I laid in bed listening to her making a fire, putting the coffee kettle on the woodstove. I would putter into my grandfather and crawl into his bed and then grandma would come in with coffee and a slice of that cake for us. Then the three of us would sit in bed waiting for the cottage to get warm enough for us to get up. Then there would be radio, grandma knitting, more coffee, bacon and eggs, mom and dad getting up. When my little sister came along she would be a part of it too. Now my kids get up in the morning, drag their blankets onto the sofa, turn on the Easter kids’ shows on TV – because now we have a TV up here.(we still enjoy parts of that show- Påskemorgen-even though they have grown out of it a long time ago. But :traditions). And they expect a piece of syrup cake… Not a healthy tradition, but none the less..


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