The Wonderful “Bonus Day” of Easter


Every time we are at the cottage for Easter we go home Easter Sunday because it’s good to have a day at home before going back to work. Most of the laundry gets done, skiing clothes get put away, we lounge and enjoy the things of the sivilization.  This Monday is like a Bonus Day. This year we went down on Saturday because of Carly’s baptism. I’m sitting here at the kitchen table with the radio on drinking coffee, enjoying the fact that I slept in a little – and the rest of the day is stretched out before me, ready to be planned and shaped as I like it.  Parts of it will be used sensibly (Some windows need cleaning)- parts will be used on enjoyable but useless activities. (like journaling or knitting, moviewatching or internet surfing. This pages I did at the cottage. Almost ready for writing on.


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