Tooth problem solved.

I finally got my tooth taken care of last night. After school the girls and I went uptown looking for confirmation dresses. Carly found two- we walked out of that store with both! Kristi found nothing – which means her and I have to hop in the car and find something out of town today after school.. Then we raced home for supper -and then I headed right back out to see the dentist. After the dentist visit I felt kind of debilitated for the rest of the evening so after stopping at Mom’s for a little visit- while the anesthetic still worked- I just watched TV until I went to bed.

We bought four new mugs yesterday. Me drinking coffee from one of them this morning.


Some bloggers that had attended artfest in the states just recently had decided to post photoes of themselves. I hate photoes of myself. So I decided to get over that! So here are a couple.


See!? No problem with teeth now! (Just a double chin- thing… And maybe a bad hair day… and.. I’ll stop now!)

One response to “Tooth problem solved.

  1. Å så fint bilde av deg!!!!

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