How does your mind work?

I am the kind of person who does the best thinking and planning while it’s dead quiet and nobody else around. Any sound, interruption, other people’s mere presence may throw me off.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I did so much writing during the night when I was young living at home with my parents and my sister.  And reading! And thinking. I loved getting up again when the house was asleep, turn on my reading lamp by the desk and I would sit there for an hour or two; writing, drawing, thinking… The next day at school I was just one big yawn, of course!

Now I have a tendency to wake up in the middle of the night, feeling unsettled about something I need to write (a list maybe), a problem I need to figure out how to solve  or  something I have to plan- and I can get it done because not even the dog would come up with the idea of bothering me! That’s why I was up at three the one night at Easter- when I wrote the draught for my confirmation speech.  A few weeks before that I woke up and laid in bed when the 1st verse of a song for the confirmation came to me. ( I love to rhyme, so I write songs  using some familiear melody when there are birhtdays or other occasions in the family.) I had a book on my night table, and a pencil. So I turned on my headlight, found a blank page in the back and just wrote six verses and the chorus.  Here are the nightly notes: (good thing it is MY book..)


One response to “How does your mind work?

  1. Dear Lisbeth,
    Was just reading your blog about the Confirmation speech you wrote. How was this special event? Do you have any pictures to share?
    I am getting back to normal. The first time I spoke about Mom and not cried was a few days ago. Deb and I are going to Montreal for Mother’s Day which will be hard.
    It has taken me a month to get back an interets in doing things – even reading for my club I just could not concentrate or have interest for that matter.
    But Spring is here. Robert and I have cleaned up a bit outside. My swing is there for me to lie down on with a book and cup of coffee. This Saturday the weather is supposed to be 24 degrees1 Hardly any Spring!

    Take care, Lisbeth, Terrye

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