People have asked me how I can find time for journaling, and I do find the question valid, especially since I at times complain that my plate is too full! An explanation is required, maybe.

Journaling is my venting, my meditation, my preferred way of unwinding these days.  I do not plan much ahead, I just impulsively do what-ever- comes- to – mind on the blank pages. That’s the whole point. It’s a journal. No rules, no show-off and critique after..

Periodically it works the same way with knitting, for example.

I may journal in front of the TV in the evening,  listening to a digital book, with a coffee after supper og even in bed before going to sleep! Some prepped pages got written and finished the other night:

dsc037941  dsc037951

I don’t know what it is with me and these naive flowers these days but they show up in my journal in different forms.  Maybe it’s spring:



One response to “journaling

  1. great advice! it is hard to find time to journal…but it’s so worth it!

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