Weekend- work

No, no… it’s not possible to teach at school on the weekend. But there are other jobs one can do. Such as typing and coming up with the last thee verses of a personal song for the soon-to-be- confirmation (me), window cleaning (I did the last three on the outside this morning), getting the snow mobile brought home from the mountains and put in shed(Bill and a friend), cleaning  my car inside-out (Bill),cooking a lasagne from scratch (for the freezer. Will reappear on  the Confirmation Sunday Buffet), baking brownies (trying out recipe for the very same  Buffet), smoked ham baking in clay pot in oven (for the aforementioned Buffet), making pizzasauce – for tonight’s pizza and a portion for freezer..

Man! Just writing about it made me realize I’m getting ready for the recliner soon!  I woke up at six, too. That’s at least an hour and ha half too early on a Saturday! Posting WITH photoes later….

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