What’s with us?

I woke up at 5 feeling a bit feverish. Got up and took my temperature, and there was a slight fever. Took some pills and eventually I fell asleep again. At 7: I still felt awful. Thank goodness I only teach two lessons on Mondays.  I showered and took my time at home. My plan was to go home after teaching hours, but then I sat down at my desk and thought it might be a good idea to get some work done. By the time I went home I had absolutely nothing left. Carly and I got some supper going, I ate, took some pills- and slept! slept away the time I could’ve used sitting on the porch with my coffee- in the sun.dsc038191

However…. I do enjoy the budding plants that sticks up between the dead leaves and the beginning tulips in the back yard


Carly feels a bit sick too. Came home from school a little earlier than usual. Even Bill said he felt without energy. Do we have uninvited bug-guests in the house? This is all there is to our Monday?

2 responses to “What’s with us?

  1. Så deilige vårtegn! 🙂 Godt å lese at det ordnet seg med tanna!

  2. Herregud det er jo skikkelig vår hos deg!!!! Har bare noe stusselige små blå i min hage. Siste rest av snø forsvant i går kveld først…

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