We are at now at the stage in our life  when the parents are up long before the kids in the house. I can remember a time when I would drink coffee at five thirty on Sundays trying to keep my toddler quiet so the rest of the family could sleep unti they woke up by themselves. now she is going on 15. And I have grown into every stage of our lives, ready and willing. Sometimes I hear about parents that don’t want their kids to grow up so fast. I’m enjoying this stage. As I did with the previous ones. I’m sure I’ll find the coming ones the same.


It’s a nice weekend weatherwise. In other ways, too. We worked towards the party next weekend, Bill in the garden, getting moss out of the lawn, putting tiles back on the roof since the wind had taken some, taking my old garden swing apart. Some guys at his workplace are going to sandblast  and spraypaint. That’ll be so cool. I love that oldfashioned swing!!


I was typing up the speech, the songs and making meatballs, shopping.. Mom came over for a barbeque in the evening. Bill cooked steaks, baked potatoes and skewers with mushrooms, peppers and onions. i prepared some asparagus and Kristi made a salad.

Today we have to attend church since the kids are supposed to participate by reading things they have worked on during confirmation classes.

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  1. Har ikke fått vært innom på en stund pga ‘våronna’, og her var det masse nytt:) Merket meg spesielt den flotte kista – det var en nydelig konfirmasjonsgave! Det virker som du har forberedelsene under full kontroll, når sanger og tale er på papiret er det værste gjort syns jeg (vi hadde konf for yngstejenta ifjor). Ha en fortsatt fin søndag 🙂

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