Enough already!


I’m getting to a very definite end of patience with cooking. I have spent hours and hours – if you put it together – on cooking and baking for this upcoming party. And today I attended church with a following coffee and cake- thing there, and I have worked on the baby book that I have yeat a few pages to do while frying mini meatballs and two baking sheets of merengue. I’m starting to long for a regular weekend of no plans. I know they are there ..in the near future …waiting for me. Maybe one of those with a full Sunday on the porch with coffee, a book, some knitting, a beer, barbeque. I am daydreaming…


Bill has done some more cleaning up in the yard , we have tended to a climbing rose bush that had taken a beating and been torn off the wall when ice and snow fell off the roof in March, he has cut boards and made a frame for a gate for the porch so we can let Emma out there unattended, and Kristi has painted it.

One response to “Enough already!

  1. Gleder meg til konfis’!!

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