Raindrops keep falling on my head

It’s raining out. I laid in bed this morning and the balcony door in the bedroon upstairs is ajar during the night now that it’s spring. I could hear that the cars were driving on a wet road. And the smell of spring! Everything is going to explode in green now. I love this season.

I start work later on Mondays, so I have time for a blog post, a shower and I’m stopping in at Mom’s to return the moss machine before heading to school.

I’m not touching a knitting needle these days, but I did a little bit of  stitching on the flanell quilt last night when Bill and I watched “Burn after reading” last night. Funny movie! The girls went to the movie theatre to see “Slumdog Millionaire”- obciously a very strong movie that made an impression on them.

In my journal I have this thing about faces now… The first two are unfinished. (Maybe the first one is me sick and tired of cooking? :-D) The old man isn’t finished either. There’s text I haven’t had time to finish

dsc03951     dsc03939

This one I finished drawing. Don’t know if I want to give it a colour wash later


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