Hom from work, by myself in the house as usual on Tuesdays, except the Royal  Dogness, but she bugs me until I serve her supper and then she goes back to sleep, just to wake up an hour or two later to start bugging for a walk..

I’m having a coffee before making supper, but the first thing I did was to whip cream, whip egg yolks  and sugar, mix it all and freeze.  Voila, homemade ice cream for the party next week. And I started a load of laundry. I have to drag my butt out of the recliner soon. Gotta make supper and vacuum. I’m opting to get some weaving in tonight, too..

Here are two journal pages. One done and one prepped for writing.



My sister and I  have had a lot of sms going back and forth today and yesterday because my niece ended up getting hospitalized due to stomach pains that startet on the weekend.  They have examined her in every way. She is coming home again today, and they didn’t find anything severe, but still we were all worried- and we won’t completely relax until she feels improvement herself using the medication she got.  I tooks some shots this morning after it rained overnight, but I can’t find my camera cord. Probably upstairs. Too relaxed to get out of this comfy chair. I’ll do t later.

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