Confirmation Sunday

It all went well today. We are all satisfied with the day’s events. First in church:


Then at home. The buffet, the speeches, the songs, the company..

Kristi held her first little speech alone (the two sisters had one  together for me when I turned 50 last year..) and I just love how the photoes shows the reactions and interaction between them:



And the person we celebrated wanted to make sure she got it all on tape…


Here is a shot of the beautiful flower decorations Kristi made for the table.


She worked at a florist’s for about a year, on Saturdays, and learned a thing or two. I’m so proud of her! And proud of the girl we celebrated for her enjoying everything without the least of embarassment that I seem to recall I used to feel when we were 14 and  had our confirmation party. They seem to have a lot more self confidence than I had at their age.

Part of having a family event to celEbrate is to bring out the finest china and the silverware. But that also means having to do some dishes by hand, so when the party broke up around six Bill and I cleared the tables and I did the dishes that couldn’t be put in the dishwasher.


Now the girls and Carly’s friend who attended the party, too, are watching a movie in the living room while Bill laid down on the bed to watch TV upstairs. And  I am in Carly’s room blogging at her desk.

Tomorrow we have invited a family friend over to eat with us after work. There is lots of food left and we haven’t spent time with her in a long time, so that’ll be nice.

One response to “Confirmation Sunday

  1. Det er så stor en dag i den unge konfirmands dag og liv. Og til stadighed beundre jeg dine smukke døtre 🙂

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