Garden swing. Again

My first posting on my first blog was about the old garden swing my parents gave to me- after they got it from Mom’s parents- who bought it off their neighbour in the sixties. When we got it I bought some metal paint and painted it since it was matted and dull. The cushions were torn and they had been bought in the early seventies when everything was supposed to be brown and orange. I found some vintage looking fabric in at chest at grandma’s house and sewed some slipcovers for them since I couldn’t find any new cusions that I liked..

After a while, my paint job proved not to be very good. Everytime we sat in the swing we got dry flakes of  paint all over us and it looked more shabby chic that it was meant to.  Still i didn’t want to part with it. It is just so wonderful to have afternoon naps in after work. It is heaven sitting in it with a knitting project or a book while drinking coffee- or white wine..


Now it has risen like a phoenix again: Bill took it to work where some guys he knows sandblasted it and spraypainted it  grey.  I love it! Thank you guys- whoever you are!


I should make another attempt at making a top, or roof if you will, for it. I sewed one a couple of years ago, using oilcloth. But that coupled with  velcro was a bit too much for my sewing machine. I tried to glue the velcro on with super glue. Didn’t work well either. If I try again I have to find some cotton fabric . It will give shade from the sun even though it won’t protect if it starts raining..

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