Spring rain

It’s been windy all day and there were rainshowers that didn’t last long because the wind blew them away so quickly. I took photoes of one of the showers on my way home from work.


The clouds were wrapping the mountain top in white for a while. Then the skies were blue for a while- until another rainshower came along..


Some view I have going home from work everyday, don’t you think? It never ceases to amaze me.

 I have lived in very different landscapes in my life. I’ve lived in a Paraguayan village in South America, I’ve lived in the wine district in Ontario Canada and a few different places here in Norway. I’ve visited several other countries that all had different landscapes. And all of them were intriguing in their own way. This is one of those intruiging landscapes that I get to enjoy.

Lucky me



One response to “Spring rain

  1. Det er meget betagende omgivelser du har – helt modsat mit meget flade byliv. Og frisk luft må du være omgivet af i spandevis.

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