Art meets school

At school today the kids got to see some art pieces that are brought out from the National Museum in Oslo. It was art  made from found objects, something I realized that internet has given me access to. I have not seen many pieces in real life, I didn’t know any Norwegian artists that works with recycled items, but by googling “found objects art” or “recycled art” for example ,one can bump into a lot of interesting stuff. It was , however, fun to see some art here today that gave us new  thoughts. I like it when items that originally don’t go together, are put together and given titles that lead you down new paths of thinking..

Here are two works of art by this guy:


stone with a zipper:


This one is called Noahs’ ark and is a skateboard filled with little figurines that kids often play with.


I know it seems off the wall to some people- maybe even like it isn’t art. And some of the kids probably thought like that… I thought it was fun. And some of the kids liked it too, obviously.

2 responses to “Art meets school

  1. Morro ^^ -.-‘ 😀

  2. Hurra for pedagogen!!!!

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