For the next two days..

… I am going to enjoy that I have a weekend off from planning or cooking for any event. I am going to finish the shawl I have decided my mother is going to get for her 70th birthday on the 17th of May.  I will read my book, leaf through the newspapers and pick what to read thoroughly, eat and drink, walk the dog, watch TV… just enjoy myself and make up what else to do as I go along. My bones are a little achy which tells me I need it. It’s a sunny day, but a bit windy.


Carly has a friend over since last night and Kristi is not working this weekend so the three girls are asleep still. God only knows when they fell asleep last night.. They can sleep. I will let them do whatever, too..

I have started this good book that I also journaled about the other day..


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