Doing something creative.

According to Danny Gregory in his book “The Creative Licence” one should practice drawing every day and watch oneself get better at it- no matter which starting point one is at.  I have always had a hard time commiting myself to “anything-a-day” , but I certainly see that that would be a good idea. And I do like to draw. And would like to get better at it. So I’ll try to at least make a few in the course of a week. Here is one I made in march:


I do not blog about me drawing, journaling, knitting or any of those things because I think I have something big to show for. I just really enjoy hooking up with other people who do the same and I think that being creative in ways that I find interesting is a way of living better, it teaches me to balance life between chores and pleasures, I get happier when I do something creatively, I get into a more meditative state, it relaxes me and creates a “space” and  a pocket in time where I sort of connect better to the real “me”.

I have always done something creatively just for these purposes. When I was younger I played instruments and wrote poetry  and songs for the same reasons, I drew and made crafts then, too. Now  I don’t play  instruments much (sad, really). The other night I made a list of all the things I have dabbled with over the years- and it became long. It made me think of all the good moments I had experienced -both alone and together with others due to these hobbies. And I saw how I keep moving into things that are new to me. Like weaving and journaling.

Then I realized I’ve done like my dad did all his life: Taken up new  creative hobbies as the years went by. He played the trumpet. He was into photograpy and developing photoes himself. He made a new fireplace in the rec room. Then at the cottage. Then for friends in their kitchen.He started building a little log house in his back yard when he got sick with cancer. He took up knife making when he was done with the house. Then he got into woodcarving. He always played and instrument and loved carpentry work even though it was far from his profession. He made chests and stools  for all his grandchildren. He made woodcarved clocks for his daughters. A long list of enjoyment on his part and ours.

His mother again did the same. She sewed, knitted, did needlepoint, crocheted, did tunesian crochet, baked…

Creative endeavours enriches life. Try and see!

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