Grey skies

But I don’t care. It’s good a temperature out there and I have a good day at work ahead of me – as far as my class’ lessons go. At the end of the day we are supposed to clean up in the schoolyard for the National Day, the 17th of May, hopefully it won’t rain when we’re out there.

Our plum tree is full of flowers now, which makes me hope for a lot of fruit this fall. Last year we had none since Bill trimmed it the year before.


I’m waiting to hear if I got in on the  English 2 course that the government are offering teachers along with 40 % of our job off from teaching- with pay. I soooooo want to get in, but there are few places available and all I can think of is this… I want it so bad. I took English 1 in 2004, and I can feel it’s time for a little change and som erefreshing experiences to inspire me anew in my teaching.


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