17th of May

..went well here. Some sun and some grey skies, but no rain until late evening and night. This shot is from the market square. The elementary school is marching in with the police in front. .. One of the old factory buildings in the back.



 Not only is it the National Day with parades and celebrations, marching bands, hot dogs, ice cream and crazy “russ” (graduates) dressed in red AND redeyed from partying and lack of sleep, but it was my mother’s 70th birthday. Happy birthday, Mom , you’ve been through a lot and you’ve made it!


We  were at our house to celebrate with gifts, dinner and cake.  Since my sister and brother-in-law is in New York, we won’t have any family gathering until next month. But I think she had a good day yesterday.


I gave her the shawl I’ve been working on for a while. (Forgot to take a full photo.) She liked it a lot.

2 responses to “17th of May

  1. Nydelig sjal! Så godt at det falt i smak!
    Ja kajakkpadlingen fra Vrådal kan godt sies å være Norge på sitt vakreste – og en vakker del av Telemarkskanalen kan det jo sies å være!

    Det skal bli spennende når Lars Verkets
    Padleguide for Telemark kommer ut 😉

  2. Det vakke så bra vær som det var på miland 😀

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