Monday of a short work week

Three days work week is ahead. It started kind of bad with Bill complaining about a sore stomach last night. He got home from Croatia at three in the morning yesterday and said he had had an upset stomach last evening there, too. Last night he ended up throwing up several times before settling and falling asleep- loudly! (Can’t blame him)He’s still asleep in bed.

I woke up to a rainy day,


a forgotten flag on the balcony (oops!) and the box full of lawn chair cushions wide open on the porch (double- oops!!!!!) My hallway is filled up with dripping cushions, floor heating put back on after having shut it off for the spring/summer. It’s tiled, so that’s the best place to dry them off. Hopefully they will be restored to something close to what they used to be…. In due time…

After this post I will pay a stack of bills on the netbank and then I will clean up my kitchen and focus on the positive: On Wednesday evening we will be looking at  a four- day – weekend ahead  and we can look back on a nice  celebration yesterday and a creative Saturday night for the girls and I .


Emma, on her part, just did what she does best:


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