Long weekend

 Oh, this is going to be good! After lugging some groceries home and having supper I started my long weekend with a couple of hours cleaning up in my magazine cut-outs and finishing  the double spread I started the other night.


It’s done I think.


I brought a couple of plastic envelopes home from work, one for my small cut- outs and one for cut-outs that I use for borders.  Hopefully that will work better than having all of it in a cardboardbox.


Tonight I will watch “Lost”- and I am kinda lost about what’s happening on that series… 😀 But I’m fascinated by the time lapses happening there.  And Kristi and I usually watch it together having a cup of tea. Tonight she’s having a friend over that just returned from living in England for a year. Carly is at a friend’s house, and Bill got back a day earlier due to the holiday tomorrow.

I don’t think the weather is going to be that great tomorrow- but I do not care. It’s my birthday and I know I will get coffee in bed , served by the girls, and the rest of the day I will do excaxtly as I please!

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