How to

..make a journal spread in the midst of everything else- a la Lisbeth Bula, the Amateur:

 While making supper:  colour with Caran D’ache neocolour II:


check on the rice and stir the chili. Then use the brush and water:


Let dry while making a salad


Right before everything is just about done for supper; pick out some collage elements and move them around to see which ones you can use- and how:


Have supper.  Clear the table after good food and good company. Then glue and add writing that you planned and made a layout for in your  smallest journal:



Make countours, adding anything that seems to finish the spread:


By now the coffee is ready and you may journal in another book you’ve got going 😀


Then post your last spread on FLICKR  and move on to other activities! Have a good evening!

One response to “How to

  1. Så artig å se hvordan du lager noen av sidene dine! 🙂 God helg!

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