Finally a sunny day

We’ve had a bit of rain lately, but today I woke up, and came downstairs to put coffee on, finding this:


I did the dreary grocery shopping yesterday, so all I have to go out for today are newspapers for my mom and myself. I have promised myself to clean the bathroom today, and the rest of the day is for enjoyment: porch, coffees and newspapers, radio, journaling, pizzamaking…

I’m working on a new spread:


I’s just great how the sun shines in on my kitchen!

Yesterday the girls and I went to Kongsberg. We bought some jeans for them- which they desperately needed. We also visited my aunt and had lunch at their house. My one cousinn was there too, her little two year old daughter and my other cousin’s 9 year old son. After we came back here I did the shopping and went to have coffee with mom. At night the 4 of us here watched a movie together.  Carly was invited to a girl’s party at a friends house, but came home fairly early since they were going to watch a horror movie. Taht’s not her cup of tea, besides, we had been up early and she watired. I was happy about filling my day with pleasant activities.

The night before, when Kristi started felling bad from a cold coming on, her and I had tea and listened to an audio book. I did some stitching and drawing of little objects. Tried to use a pen but I’m too much of a beginner. Pencil is better for me.


It’s nice to have more than just a weekend off. Four days in a row- it’s like a mini vacation.

One response to “Finally a sunny day

  1. Ingen kommentar til innlegget, men til den nydelige duken du har på bordet ditt!

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