Sunday journaling


I’ve been in and out on the porch. It’s good temperatures but the sun comes and goes. I’m doing some laundry and supper is on, but otherwise I’ve just busied myself with my art journal, listening to the last chapters of my radio Theatre Play that I borrowed at the library, and preparing a big bag of old and worn clothes that I want to throw out. They are not even good enough to give to the Salvation Army.

On our way to our cottage in the mountains we can use a big garbage container, so after supper we are taking a drive up there. Want to see if most of the snow is gone and take a walk with the dog where she can run free.

Here is my last spread:


yesterday the new collage sheet for the Flickr group I attend; Play with Crowabout, was available for us to make this week’s collage. So far I am at a total loss for ideas on how to use it. Other than I think I will make a book mark with some of the elements…. I’d have to stew on it for a while.. (These images are for the group only, please. But here is the link to NANCY BAUMILLER’S WEB SITE.


One response to “Sunday journaling

  1. Så deilig søndag du har! Jeg bare venter på å ta ut kofferter fra rommet, dra på Metropolitan Museum of Art noen timer, lunsje litt i Central Park for så å dra mot flyplassen i etterm. Flyet går hjem først kl 20 ikveld, hjemme halv 10 mandag i Norge… Jobb tirsdag.

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