Half full or half empty.. An excercise in Slow Breathing Moment

It rained cats and dogs yesterday and today we are at risk of loosing all our hair if we go outside. The winds are strong and despite sunny weather it’s kind of cool. I’m having serial type hot flashes today- and it was the same yesterday so I was tilting towards the “My glass is half empty”- philosophy.


(this is my coffee mug at work. I drew it a long time ago)

But then I got to hide behind my desk instead of being present during the last two lessons at school today, so now I have corrected some tests and have decided to think of my glass as half full! My coffee mug is full of hot, fresh coffee, I’m blogging for a few minutes, I think I have an idea for my next Crowabout Collage… It’s definetly a half full glass for the time being. And I am getting so good at these little Slow Breathing Moments in between!  (God knows I have focused on practicing this last year.)

I am going to make use of my birthday present today:


The girls gave me a gift card for unlimited(!!!…???) help making supper. So I will call home and direct them towards the right items in the fridge, so that we are close to eating by the time I get home. Wednesday we have a late meeting at work. And I need to get a couple of errands done, too.

Yesterday  I ordered yarn for this project:

American Aran Afghan

(photo from the Amazon selling the pattern)

WELL, THERE’S A PROJECT THAT WILL TAKE ME A WHILE- AND TEACH ME SOME PATIENCE (while no one can talk to me in the middle of endless counting and I’ll be talking to myself, possibly with a foul language!) What was I thinking? I’m not in a knitting mood these days… 

In all fairness, I knitted one of the patches a long time ago to see if my brain could wrap itself around it. And after struggling for a while thinking it can’t possibly b a known language despite the familiar letters, it could.

Let it be noted: I bought Superwash yarn! Here. It was a third of the price compared to buying a kit from a Norwegian store. I hope it isn’t the third of the quality, too.  Half is okay with me..

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