Best time of year

DSC04308(1) now. It’s all ahead of us. The summer, the holiday, hopefully lots of good weather. Today  is a GORGEOUS  day. We were up early, I’ve had coffee on the porch twice, we’ve been down at the building supply store ordering delivery of new wood for the porch flooring. It’s about time! The truck just pulled up.


I am going to spend some of the afternoon getting som plants potted. Went and bought some after work yesterday. Ah- the summer!!! Ah- the sunny days.

Yesterday we barbequed, had cake and coffee because both Bill and I had our birhtdays recently. Unfortunately the dog seems to be out of sorts again. We think she has pain in her front leg or shoulder. She seems to want to rest as much as possible and her head hangs low when she walks outside, and she whimpered when she moved last night. Today she seemes a bit better…poor dog, something is always the matter with her!

I have finally taken a photo of the finished shawl that I gave to Mom for her birthday.


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