Our dog.


We’ve had a long day. We worried so much about the dog that both Bill and I got up early. That is, Bill got up before six to check on her, and then we both got up before eight.. She was crying from some kind of pain last night, we thought maybe she pulled a muscle or hurt in her joint in her “shoulder” for some reason.. Still we don’t know but she was a bit better today so what ever it was it must be passing. There’s always something with her, seems like.. She’s only six, she should be bouncy and tough. Instead she is delicate and fragile.


 And grey- bearded despite not being that old. But beautiful. And kind.


And lazy. And quirky. And somewhat neurotic.

One response to “Our dog.

  1. Nydelig bilder av Emma! Spesielt det første :o) Blir helt nyforelska,jo!

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