Yard day.

It’s been very high temperatures here today and we have spent a long time in the sun working. Bill has started on the porch flooring that is to be replaced:


He was smack in the middle of the sun because the wood didn’t get delivered until about one. before that  we ran errands and he mowed the lawn where we put the garden furniture.

I potted plants:





We had steaks on the barbeque and cake  last night so today we went for the easy solution while working.


(you don’t see me barbequing much. So this is a rare shot)

Carly helped with the laundry:


Kristi packed this afternoon to go to a scout camp-out. Looks like she packed enough clothes…


We bought a new roof for the swing and an umbrella for shade on the porch today. That’ ll be good! I already laid in the garden swing reading the newspaper after I finished the planting, and I loved the new roof on it.


One response to “Yard day.

  1. Skikkelig bra oppradering av uterommet nå altså :o)

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