So in need of doing nothing

I’ve been so tired after work it was unbelievable. I walked in the door and just felt like throwing myself on the couch. But I’ve had supper, I’ve had a big latte… and then I fell asleep in the chair as Kristi threw a blanket on me.  After that I’ve done nothing at all. I’ve looked down on my knitting/sewing basket that sits on the floor next to the recliner:


I could always continue  some small project there. But no colours, nothing tempting. I leave it. I could sit down at the craft table and continue this:


But I don’t feel like doing that either.  So that’s what I’ll do: Nothing. I wil get more sleep tonight, that’s my goal. I think I’m in lack of a good night’s sleep. Not enough hours and broken sleep. That’s okay. Tomorrow is Friday.

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