I have been informed..

by the guy you may spot in this photo;


that my previous post didn’t do justice to our work today. I’m not going to bother with new shots of the flower beds and their lack of weeds. It’s not enough blooming going on yet to make interesting photoes. But the hedges should be shown off. They have grown a lot since we moved in here four years ago. Even though I live by the main street in our little town, I feel like I’m in a secret garden when everything is green around us. And Bill keeps everything nicely trimmed and straight. I’m just the helper when it comes to bagging afterwards:



(Yes, you’re right: We put a couple of logs in the fireplace. it’s chilly tonight)


Hedge alongside the main road.                             Or seen from the other end:


On the other side of the house we often sit in the shade in the afternoon. And that’s where we hang our laundry. And pick plums when the time comes. (This year there will be lots!)


2 responses to “I have been informed..

  1. Så nydelig og velstelt hage dere har! Fyr i ovenen ja, her er det bare 7 grader ikveld – det har blåst kjempesurt hele dagen. -Når det gjelder GAAA, jeg bruker Smart Tweed garn, godt å strikke med. Det er ikke så vanskelig som det ser ut,ikke så langt ihvertfall *fnis*, det krever bare noe innmari med tålmodighet…men det er såååå tilfredsstillende når lappen er ferdig! – Ha en flott søndag!

  2. Nice garden :o) Sånn har søren meg ikke jeg det!!!!

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