A yarn-flop.



I’ve had my supper by myself since the girls are at drama practice. I had some errands to run after a full day of teaching, but now I’m sitting down for a few minutes.. Carly is leaving wiht her class tomorrow morning for a hike in the woods, they’re staying overnight in tents, they’re walking and canoeing. She and I have to get some food for the trip tonight and check that everything is packed for carrying. This means I’m going to have to cut my weaving night short. But I might just go and talk to the other weaving ladies for a while and then bring my loom home since we are supposed to move everything to a different location at the end of the month. The location is better- so we are looking forward to it. So far we’ve rented a tiny apartment with bad lighting and it felt cramped. Now we are joining two experienced weavers in roomy quarters with big windows.  I think we will decide tonight on an evening soon where we wil clean up after ourselves properly before handing the key over to its owners.

I am starting to look forward to summer holiday now. Only this week and next! I can feel some knitting urges coming on, too. But I’m kind of mad at myself for buying yarn I cannot use as planned for my new long-term project; GAAA. (too fine)

I have no idea what to use all this for:


I thought I was making it cheaper by buying this yarn instead of “Smart”- and was naive enough to think that it would be more or less the same. WRONG! And I know I could’ve talked to people who would’ve given me good advice.  Many months ago I made the first block of the GAAA in Smart just to see if my brain could wrap itself around this pattern- in English. And I should’ve stuck to that yarn, I know that now. This doesn’t even have the same colour. Ideas for what to use this for? It’s Silja. Needle 3-3 1/2. 80% superwash wool. 20% nylon. The superwash was a major intent for me for the GAAA…DSC04452(1)

3 responses to “A yarn-flop.

  1. Jeg bruker Smart til dette teppet. Er ikke 100% fornøyd, men det blir da ganske bra. Lykke til med ditt! Silja har jeg bare så vidt vært borti og da strikket jeg et par sokker.

  2. Har ingen gode forslag til Siljaen din….men det kan jo bli en del sokker…. (52 par hvite sokker -meld deg på 52-pair-plungen, kanskje?)


  3. lisbeth58bula

    Hi hi. Jeg som nesten ikke kan strikke den andre sokken uten å gå lei..

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