Thursday rain and art at school

The skies are grey, it’s raining hard on and off. I’ve been out with the dog in the rain and afterwards I planted some flowers at my grandparents’ grave.


Carly is home from her camping trip in the woods with her school, both the girls have been at drama practice tonight (the show is on Saturday, at the Rock Festival. Outdoors in the park) and now they have a friend over and they are watching TV in the living room. I have made myself comfortable in the other end of the living room, on the couch with the computer, some knitting in my hands and I am listening to a radio theatre play for older kids. It’s a play from the 80’s, I can remember the book came out, but I’ve never read it.


Next week is our last week of school before summer holiday. I’m busy this week with the play my 31 students are putting on for their parents and siblings Monday night. I’m also setting up the little exhibition we have of our art.

In one room we have set up art  we’ve done when we learned about ancient egyptian and greek culture:


Tut-Ankh-Amon masks, blue and gold markers. Egyptian landscape with the Nile, pyramides, housing and camels.


We also drew egyptian motives in  egyptian style with colouring pencils:




We also put up our work with opaque paint: Greek inspired urns:


2 responses to “Thursday rain and art at school

  1. Flotte elevarbeider (og ikke minst utstilling) og gørrspennende hørespill! Stemmer for :o)

  2. Nice 🙂 Mine tegninger = UUUU !

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