Good for something..

Since I felt fine except having to be near a bathroom today, I DID actually do some ironing and a run with the vacuum cleaner as well as a couple of loads of laundry. It’s been nice and sunny so I’ve brought my coffee out on the porch where I also sat correcting a last test that will be handed out at school tomorrow.

They called me from school and revealed where the trip was going. It was a real flop that I couldn’t go since they were going for a ride in the old bus from the 50’s around town- with guiding on board. I would’ve loooooved that!   Then a stop at the stables and in the end there is going to be turkey served at the principle’s house. She said there were two bathrooms at her house- so I went for the solution of going there when they call me from her house. I’m getting better by the hour anyway. I’m sure it will be back to normal tomorrow.

I journaled while having coffee this afternoon( some of the collage elements are from Nancy Baumiller’s collage sheets:


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