After a two days’ silence

I’m back. The last post was written while I had to stay home from school due to a stomach problem.  It’s not quite over but nothing to fuss about anymore.

The surprise evening for the teachers on Wednesday was a guided tour around town with the old bus from the 50’s. I was sad to miss that. Afterwards they went to the stables for coffee and horsebackriding. I did not feel so sad about that one since I have never been on the back of a horse and I’m a little scared of them. The last thing was a dinner at the principle’s house- and I did go to that. Very nice!! (and bathrooms -2 of them- close by)

On Thursday we had our last day with the students at school and a walk was planned. We walked along an old road where there are several small farms along the way, and we had posted  questions at intervals. The groups of students had a pencil and a sheet of paper with them to write down their answers. As for me I drove down with my car full of barbeque supplies, prizes etc. I started the bbq and then the rain started pouring as the students arrived with backpacks filled with hot dogs. One of the teachers’ brother owns the camping site and the restaurant where we were, so we found a couple of porch umbrellas and tried to shield the hot coals from getting wet. The kids got their hot dogs, we were getting wet -and we all smiled anyway and tried to find some shelter here and there. My camera wouldn’t cooperate in the humid weather so all I got was one shot of some girls getting out of the rain by the sinks at this outdoor counter:


We then went down to the ferry. We have an old railroad and ferries here and they are now working on it because we are being considered to get on the World’s Heritage List. That day the one ferry turned 80 years and it was celebrated on board. The local news papers were there and the kids found themself on the front page the next morning.

After work I went to the next town for some shopping since there was a big sale on. One of the other teachers went with me and I got a sleeping bag for half price. Kristi needs one for cold winter weather. Besides, she is soon going away for a week. National Scout camp in Ålesund.And you never know with Norwegian summers, especially a little further north. I also tried to get myself a spring/fall jacket but that was futile.. Instead I bought some bedding. And we had a bite to eat before going home.

Friday was planning and cleaning up our desks at school. And some cake since one of the teachers is turning 40. AND NOW MY HOLIDAY HAS STARTED! YEY!!! Kristi left for Oslo right after school. She was going to an outdoor concert with some friends. We saw her in the audience on tv. Carly and I went uptown since they kept the stores open until 10 pm. We looked for Converse shoes for Carly but couldn’t find the right size. We had coffee/Coke and cookies at a café too. There we met this lady who is having a drawing course for kids next week. She told us she could take a few more students- so Carly is signing up. It’s a two day thing, five hours each day.

As for myself, I celebrated my starting the holiday with waking up at 5.30 today. An hour later I gave up and went downstairs to put coffee on and do some journaling that I hadn’t been able to do for a few days.  The first one is a loose leaf journal page.Then there are a couple of spreads in my spiralbound small journal from early in the week.




This one is the last spread in my big wallpaper journal:


All I’m waiting for now is the GOOD WEATHER!

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