1.st weekday of my vacation

Last night Carly had a friend for a sleepover, Kristi and a friend , plus Bill and I went to the movie theatre to see Angels and Demons. Afterwards Bill and I went to the pub and had a couple of beers and a chat with some acquaintances. It’s nice to go there on a Sunday. Not many people , no entertainment, good opportunity to sit and gab and enjoy slow time. We walked home around midnight.

It’s always nice to wake up on the first Monday of the first vacation week and know you have all the time in the world. Get up to have a coffee and then make some scrambled eggs and set the table for a breakfast together (-Bill has home office):


I had some phone calls to make and some appointment dates to figure out, then we had to go to uptown and do some errands. Bill had a physiotherapist appointment and afterwards we went to the bakery for lunch. The girls and I stopped for magazines and an ice cream on the way home.


It’s sunny and warm today, but a breeze that takes a hold of canopies and sun umbrellas makes it a bit difficult to fully enjoy porch life.. We are still going to try and barbeque soon.

My shoulders are about to be lowered and relaxed…

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