Rise and shine!

If not shine so at least rise. That’s what I did- at three thirty.  Well, first I laid there feeling how some of my joints ached. I took a pill and closed my eyes. The ache subsided- my eyes were ready to see daylight! So at four thirty I got up, went out to get the newspaper, made coffee- and the dog looked at me like I was insane- and went back to sleep. (she is still sleeping!)


I finally got all the thank you cards from the confirmation done, so something really good came out of this. We’ve waited to take a photo since we forgot on the day of the party, but Carly has had a bad sty on her eye and wanted to get rid of it first. Yesterday we had to get the doctor to get her a specialist’s appointment in order to get him to cut it away. She’s pretty calm about it.. So we used a photo from inside the church. It came out really nice, but of course it doesn’t show her in her dress- but so be it. It is a nice portrait anyway. So far this morning it’s sunny but they have called for a couple of rain showers, so maybe we’ll get in the car and put the cards in the mailboxes then..


I also walked in the dewey grass this morning and cut some peones and roses to put in vases in the living room.


In the garden there are tons of peones so I thought I could cut some closest to the wall of the house and take with me indoors,


As far as the climbing roses go, I always cut them a little less than I

roses outside my window

roses outside my window

 should so they can peek into my windows. i like seeing them while I sit in the living room.. This year I left them a little too long…

Now I’m really sleepy! Maybe I should take a little nap? Nobody else is up yet anyway, and it’s only 7:40.

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